Master of Systems Medicine (Research)

The Australian National Phenome Centre (ANPC) and Centre for Computational and Systems Medicine (CCSM), Murdoch University has developed a new 2-year full time (or part-time equivalent) Master program that will enable potential students to learn about the relative contributions of individual variation in genes, diet, lifestyle, and environment that influence disease risk factors and responses to therapies of individuals and populations. 

Students will learn different omics science and machine learning techniques in a vibrant and supportive learning environment that is taught by academics from the ANPC and CCSM with real-world research experience.  In addition, students will have the opportunities to learn the latest cutting-edge laboratory techniques in one of the most advance analytical facilities in the world. 

Students will choose a project from a wide range of research areas that address real-world medical problems.  Examples of these topics include maternal and infant healthy, cardiometabolic diseases, neuropathologies, gut health and microbial impact, precision nutrition, and precision healthcare and including addressing the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Individuals who are not interested in research, or not ready to take on the Master Course just yet but are interested in  developing and upskilling their biomedical science knowledge may consider one or more of the following options:


I am Monique, a Ph.D. Candidate from Murdoch University that is currently undertaking research at the ANPC. For the last year, I have been developing my clinical-based project in monitoring the metabolic profile of acute burn wounds in adults with the mass spectrometers available at the ANPC. During this time, I have been assisted in collaborating with the Fiona Wood Foundation at Fiona Stanley Hospital for their expertise in burns. As a student, I have gained extensive knowledge around the development of mass spectrometry methods, biomarker discovery, networking, and translatable medical research from the wonderful ANPC supervisors and members. The ANPC has a network of different specialised staff that allows students to learn and contribute to an array of other projects, which has been an enriching experience.