ANPC expands international research impact

Researchers at the Australian National Phenome Centre continue to impress their influence on the international scientific community, with both Professor Elaine Holmes and Professor Jeremy Nicholson named Highly Cited Researchers for 2020.This recognition is reserved for scientists who have demonstrated exceptional influence – those who have produced multiple papers ranking in the top one per cent by citations for their field and year of publication.

The acknowledgement caps a remarkable year for Professor Holmes, who was also recently awarded an Australian Laureate Fellowship from the Australian Research Council. This award will see her expertise applied to understanding age-related changes in the gut microbiome.

As Director of the Centre for Computational and Systems Medicine, Professor Holmes’ other projects are progressing research on maternal and infant health, liver and gastrointestinal disease and metabolic diseases such as diabetes and dementia.

She is also a key researcher in the COVID-19 Critical Research Programme and is working with the Ngangk Yira Research Centre for Aboriginal Health and Social Equity to establish the first living biobank specific to First Nations people in Western Australia.

Professor Nicholson, who was also named a Highly Cited Researcher in 2019, is Pro Vice Chancellor of Murdoch’s Heath Futures Institute and Director of the ANPC.

An internationally renowned pioneer in metabolic phenotyping and systems medicine, Professor Nicholson is working to revolutionise the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of serious health challenges like cancer, Alzheimer’s, obesity and COVID-19.

Understanding the pathways to infection and the biological consequences of these diseases will enable the development of effective treatments and vaccines. It’s research of global consequence being delivered in Western Australia.

The expertise of Professors Holmes and Nicholson are complementary in improving our understanding and prevention of serious diseases.

Professor Nicholson pioneered cutting edge techniques to analyse the molecular, physical and biochemical characteristics of biological samples and Professor Homes developed the data analytics to draw valuable insights from that analysis.

Their close collaboration at Imperial College and now at Murdoch University has seen them co-author their three most impactful research papers, collectively cited over 9,000 times.

The methodology that determines the who’s who of influential researchers draws on the data and analysis performed by bibliometric experts from the Institute for Scientific Information at the Web of Science Group.Fewer than 0.1%, of the world’s researchers have earned the exclusive distinction of being named Highly Cited Researchers. Professors Holmes and Nicholson have both won the accolade on multiple occasions for Pharmacology and Toxicology, as well as in Cross Discipline fields.

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