Premier and Governor celebrate first anniversary of ANPC

Twelve months ago, the Australian National Phenome Centre (ANPC) was officially opened by Governor of Western Australia, the Honourable Kim Beazley AC.

The ANPC is Australia’s first dedicated metabolic phenotyping laboratory.

Part of a worldwide network of compatible centres, it measures the fundamental metabolic properties of humans, both in the general population and in patients to predict disease risks.

In celebration of its first anniversary, on 7 October 2020 Murdoch University Chancellor Gary Smith and Vice Chancellor Professor Eeva Leinonen welcomed back Hon. Kim Beazley, along with Western Australia Premier, Mark McGowan for his first visit.

Professor Leinonen said the University was proud of the contribution the ANPC has already provided to address some of the world’s greatest health challenges within its first year, especially on advancing COVID-19 research.

“The ANPC is an important symbol of our vision, with its precision – or personalised approach to human health – and capacity to improve the lives of millions,” she said.

“We interact with our environment constantly and we also make personal choices that impact on our own health.

“The work of the ANPC is so exciting because it considers all of these factors to give us a complete picture of an individual’s health and a pathway to prevention of disease or better, more effective treatment of existing illness.”

This visit was led by Pro Vice Chancellor and world-renowned phenomics pioneer Professor Jeremy Nicholson and accompanied by Premier’s Fellow in Phenomics Professor Elaine Holmes, both detailing their extensive COVID-19 research to date for the Premier and Governor.

For the Premier, this visit provided an overview of what the ANPC does and how the important research undertaken by the ANPC will positively impact COVID-19 patient journey outcomes.

The ANPC team, led by Professor Nicholson, is studying the detailed biochemistry of COVID-19 that is already delivering insights into why some patients become severely ill and others do not – allowing health care experts to predict outcomes for individual patients.

“This is the work this world-leading facility was built to do – deliver real diagnostic and prognostic solutions in an accelerated time-frame to a global problem,” Professor Nicholson said.

Already familiar with the ANPC, the Hon. Kim Beazley was impressed with the accomplishments of the ANPC in the past year, particularly in their COVID-19 research.

Good to visit the Australian National Phenome Centre (ANPC) and see the humongous effort into researching the rolling conditions of COVID-19. The work they do will transform the health and lives of billions,” he said.

Premier Mark McGowan noted the current research in phenomics helps to determine how COVID-19 can affect certain people more than others.

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